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Terms & Conditions
All items created by The Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio are guaranteed against defective workmanship and materials for life and will be replaced or repaired upon assessment by our qualified jewellers. Cover does not extend to loss, theft or damage by “accident”, “negligence”, “fair wear and tear” or “Act of God”.
 If a ring is not brought in for review within five years or more then the warranty is void.

Retailers are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind.
You will forfeit your deposit on custom made jewellery if you change your mind concerning the purchase of your custom designed jewellery.
In order to claim a remedy under the Standard Guarantee the goods must be returned for assessment along with proof of purchase to The Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio and works carried out by any other sole trader or business which does not operate under the Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio business name will void your warranty.

– The Standard Guarantee does not include the following to the extent they are permitted in the relevant legislation.

  1. Damage due to ordinary wear and tear,
    ii. Damage due to misuse, accident, alteration, substitution or abuse,
    iii. Repairs and alterations performed by someone other than Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio,
    iv. Theft, disappearance or loss (including loss of gemstones), and
    v. Any type of use causing damage or deterioration.
    – Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio reserves the right to judge whether the jewellery has been subject to any of the above-mentioned exclusions.

    Free Cleaning & Polishing
    An annual, complimentary clean and polish service is available for all custom creations made at The Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio with a price of $2000+. Each year, on the anniversary of your purchase, you’re entitled to bring your jewellery to the studio to be assessed and cleaned free of charge. This includes restoring the rhodium plating on white gold jewellery if required for a total of 3 consecutive years.

    Jewellery Insurance
    We can assist you in setting up insurance for your new purchase with Q Report. Q-report offers 12 months worldwide cover instantly before you even leave the studio.

    All current restrictions and mandates apply to the Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio including proof of vaccination status if required.
    Your information is never shared with other companies or mailing lists, or any other third parties unless for the express and sole purpose of the Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio systems and processes. 

    Images of your jewellery repairs and custom creations may be used on social media or for advertising purposes by The Diamond Tree Jewellery. 

Warranty On Stock Items
 Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio does not offer repairs, refunds or exchanges for defective product purchased from any of our stockists.
If the product purchased from an stockist is found to be defective or damaged, it is up to the discretion of the stockist as to how they wish rectify the matter in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.

Jewellery Repair Terms
We accept no liability in respect of any and all jewellery repairs, delays arising from jewellery repairs, and all such repairs, which we note are at the customer’s risk.
We accept no responsibility for gemstones that are chipped, cracked, fractured, damaged or not authentic, or where such an item is discovered during the course of the repair to be chipped, cracked, fractured, damaged or not authentic, or for gemstones that become loose during the repair undertaken.
Not all merchandise can be resized, and we reserve the right to refuse a repair/resizing request when resizing will cause damage to the merchandise.

We accept no responsibility for Metal alloys that contain the material Silicon – by which can make the alloy unstable & prone to cracking or breaking in unnatural ways.

Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio will not be held responsible or liable for :

  • Identification or condition of jewellery at time of receipt.
    Altered, treated or enhanced diamonds and coloured gemstones.
    Mis-marked or unmarked metals
    Worn, fragile or damaged items

Once you have collected your jewellery from our studio you are agreeing that your repair or custom created jewellery is to your satisfaction and subject to these terms and conditions. 
Any changes from the design provided by The Diamond Tree Studio, structurally and design wise requested by the customer are at the customers own risk.
Damage and structural integrity being effected by changes made to our designs by the customer are at the customers own risk and designs that have been modified at the customers request – Diamond Tree Studio takes no liability for changes requested by the customer.

Free Ring Resizing
We offer a complimentary resize of your gifted ring within the first month of purchase for rings over $1000, in the instance where the recipient of the ring is unable to have the ring sized in person before the purchase of the ring. Rings that have been sized at the time of purchase/design by our staff are not eligible for free resize.

Custom Design
Diamond Tree custom designs are provided for the sole use of the customer and Diamond Tree Studio and may not be reproduced or used in any manufacturing capacity without written consent of Diamond Tree Studio exclusively. All rendered images and 3D files / printed material may not be used in reproduction or manufacture by any other company other than Diamond Tree Studio.

Images and files are protected by Digimarc Technology.

Where the customers gold and/or stones are used no guarentee will be made by the Diamond Tree Studio that the metals will be free of porosity or unknown alloys. Customer stones will be treated with the utmost care although Diamond Tree Studio will not be liable for the identifaction or condition of your stones, where excess risk is involved the customer will be notifed before wortk commences and where damage occurs the customer will be notifed and a solution offered. 

Design Fee – Design appointments to discuss your ideas and designs are free of charge.
Once you have decided to go ahead with the design process a $65 fee will apply so that we can work together on your designs using CAD technology, providing you with a 3D rendered photo realistic image of your jewellery design at the end of your appointment.
A physical 3D print can also be provided 24 hours after design approval if required.
Your $65 fee is non-refundable and becomes a part of your final invoice once manufacture approval is given.

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