Custom Designed Fine Jewellery

One of a kind artisan jewellery

Using specialised jewellery software and 25+ years of experience in both jewellery technology and traditional bench jewellery we can provide extremely accurate photo-realistic images and even physical 3D printed models that you can try on (With your actual stones!) to better get a feel for your final design. 
This is far more precise and extremely helpful for visualising your final design!

Your final jewellery can then be created using the very best in modern casting techniques, traditional handmade methods or a combination of methods depending on your requirements and budget. 

At your initial appointment we will sit with you and begin the process of creating your 3D model alongside you, incorporating all of you ideas, explaining in detail all of the best practises for structual integrity, metal properties, stone selections and more to ensure you are armed with the very best knowledge to make your decisions and bring you a design that you will cherish, that will last for generations.

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A Reflection Of You...

Your jewellery is a special part of your look and can be a wonderful expression of your personality and uniqueness.

Its time to create!

Highest quality manufacturing

Once we have your approval to start your jewellery we require a 50% deposit and your design is off to our workshop to begin the creation process. All casting and crafting, all stone setting, construction and finishing is done by hand as this creates the highest quality, structurally sound fine jewellery. We want you to wear your jewellery every single day should you desire, and to last generations.

We can even use your own stones and credit you for gold that you may no longer wear to go towards your new personally designed jewellery pieces. 

Liana, Anita, Geri and Mark will work on their specialist areas of your jewellery piece together to ensure the very best heirloom quality production.

Our artisan jewellery typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete, we dont want to rush such important sentimental pieces, depending on the complexity of the jewellery. 

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Our favourite part of the job!

Once your jewellery is ready we will present your jewellery to you at an appointment where we will explain to you how to best care for your jewellery and what kinds of services are included with your Diamond Tree Jewellery (Free inspection and cleaning, rhodium plating, if required) – We will also advise you of the best insurance and arrange valuation if you require. 
We can even have your precious new jewellery insured for you before you leave the studio through Q-Report specialised jewellery insurance. 
We also have a range of sustainable luxury boxes available. 

This is absolutely our favourite part of the job and we do our very best to make it an experience that you wont ever forget, we are so thankful to be able to share in this moment with you!

At The Diamond Tree Studio we create your jewellery right here in our studio/workshop. 
If your jewellery requires casting we use a local casting agency, which is also the place that refines your gold if needed. 
Every single Diamond Tree creation and repair supports up to 4 local family companies!

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