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Repair and restoration of your loved jewellery

Fine Jewellery Repairs.

Whether you are repairing your loved jewellery, restoring or remodelling your pieces your jewellery is never sent away and is treated with the utmost care. All work is completed in our workshop, which is the same location as our studio so you can actually see straight into the place where your jewellery will be worked on! – We use all Australian metals and materials in all of our work.

Jewellery repair generally takes 1 to 4 weeks to complete, depending on complexity of the repair and if parts are needed to be created or ordered to complete the repair.
(We will advise you of the estimated time before commencing your repair)

*Laser welded repairs can often be collected the next day!

Your jewellery can be paid for either online, or on pick up of your repair/restoration at the studio.

Ultra-Sonic Cleaning:
The first step of every jewellery repair is cleaning the piece. This helps reveal any other potential needed repairs that weren’t visible while the jewellery was dirty. The ultra-sonic cleaner pulsates the dirt and grime out of a piece.

Rhodium Plating:
White gold is inherently yellow. Over time the rhodium that makes it white fades away revealing a natural yellow gold found within. Rhodium plating brings it back to that shiny white color that white gold should be. Depending on the condition of the jewellery it can be a fairly quick process. It requires the jewellery to be thoroughly cleaned, then polished before any plating can be done. This simple onsite jewellery repair can be usually done in 24 hours if there is no other issue with the piece.

Gold Polishing:
If you’ve noticed scratches forming on gold jewellery, bring it in to be polished out. White gold will need to be re-rhodium plated after being polished, due to the rhodium being removed during the polishing process.

Platinum Polishing:
While platinum is a strong metal, it is still susceptible to scratches and dings. When you notice that, bring your platinum jewellery in to be polished.

Jewellery Soldering:
Soldering involves the use of an open flame to attach gold or silver to itself. We use high quality techniques and avoid methods such as EZ-solder.

Earring Post Conversion:
There are many options and styles of earring posts. We can convert your earrings using a straight friction post, screw post, double notched, single notched, la pousette, shepherds hook, guardian, leaver backs, omega backs, French backs, non-pierced and many more.

Earring Prong Repair:
Earring prongs usually don’t wear down very fast however they are susceptible to chemical contamination due to the use of hair products. If you feel like yours are worn, we can evaluate the condition of the prongs.

Ring Removal:
Is your ring stuck on your finger? If we cant remove your ring safely we can cut the metal using specialised tools for you. And no we dont charge anything to remove your ring.

Bail Replacement:
Whether it’s for aesthetic reason or the bail has worn, we can get you a new one to keep your pendant secure on your chain.

Broken Chain Repair:
A link on a chain can wear or weaken and break. We use traditional and modern techniques to providehigh quality chain/link repairs or replacements.

Pearl Restringing:
Pearl restringing requires the tedious hands of a well-trained re-stringer. The types of restringing we do are single strand, multi-strand, intricate weaves, knotted, unknotted, complex and a variety of other techniques. We use high quality silk to string your pearls with each individual pearl knotted for protection.

Laser welding:
Simple laser welds, for example clasp replacements can often be collected the very next day.

Tips & Prong Repair:
Over time the prongs that hold your gems in place can start to wear. It is better to get this fixed sooner rather than later to avoid your gem from falling out.

Ring Sizing:
One of the most common ring repairs is ring sizing. When a ring doesn’t fit we can size it up or down. To size upwards we add metal rather than the ‘stretching’ technique which is damaging to the integrity of the ring.

Gemstone Replacement:
A gemstone falling out can be a big disappointment. Whether it was from wear or an accident with a prong being pulled, We have access to a wide range of gemstones from around the world and can find just about any gemstone that exists. Liana is also a fully qualified Gemologist and can assist with any gemstone request.

Necklace Clasp Repair:
If a clasp is fixable, we can do it. Otherwise we recommend a total clasp replacement for your necklace repair. The typical clasps used are a lobster claw or trigger clasp, a spring ring, plunger and barrel, toggle, sisterhook, swivel, easy lock, box, barrel, fold over, and more. These clasps can be used on bracelets as well.

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Recycle your pre-loved jewellery

We encourage our customers to recycle that old jewellery and stones that are sitting in a drawer gathering dust, why not create something you will wear!

Free Jewellery Cleaning

Bring your jewellery in for a free deep clean and inspection, no obligation! Its our way of saying hello! Your jewellery doesn't even need to have been purchased from us!


Your sentimental pieces are cared for as if they are our own at all times. Lets hae a chat about all the various ways we can remodel your jewellery while retaining all of its sentiment.

One Tree Planted

With each restoration the folks at OneTreePlanted will plant a tree here in Australia.

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