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5 Mackinnon Street
Rockingham Western Australia
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Welcome to the Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio. We cant wait to meet you in our Rockingham studio. We offer a range of fine jewellery services and pieces that will suit any style and budget. Get in touch with us today!

Appointments available during business hours :

Monday : Closed
Tuesday : 10am - 4pm 
Wed : 10am - 5pm
Thurs : 10am - 5pm
Frid : 10am - 5pm
Sat : 11am - 3:30pm
Sunday : Closed


5 Mackinnon Street
Rockingham 6168 WA

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The highest quality services and over 20+ years of experience make our services something very special, especially with our low overheads and personal, traditional customer service.

5 Mackinnon Street, Rockingham

Your Local Fine Jewellery Studio

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Award Winning Custom Designs

Using both the latest jewellery technologies and methods and traditional hand crafting techniques we can help you to create your own one of a kind, personal creation that will last for generations. 


[ Sustainable, Socially & Ethically Responsible ]

Jewellery that wont cost the Earth

All of our stones are carefully hand selected for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins.

Our luxury packages include beautiful boxes that are made from a solid piece of beautiful timber, sourced from sustainable forests and managed to ensure the balance and biodiversity of the surrounding area is maintained.

We encourage our customers to up-cycle their gold and precious metals to create something special at The Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio.

The Diamond Tree Studio supports the Kimberly Process.

“Our members inspire consumer confidence by abiding to a Code of Conduct
that promotes quality service and professionalism.”

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5 Mackinnon Street Rockingham 6168 WA


0491 626 582

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Opening Hours

This week our opening hours are a little different due to our little dog Mickey needing some care after an ACL surgery. 
Monday : Closed
Tuesday : 10am – 3pm 
Wed : 10am – 3pm
Thurs : 10am – 3pm
Frid : 10am – 3pm
Sat : 11am – 3:30pm
Sunday : Closed

Repairs, valuations, and initial design consultations are still available this week, no appointment required but prefered!
Back to normal hours from Tuesday!  Thank you for your understanding.