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The Diamond Tree Difference

At The Diamond Tree Studio we use both traditional hand made jewellery creation methods and modern techniques to ensure the most durable, precise jewellery while retaining that hand created artisan style and finesse. 

With over 20+ years experience behind the bench and international qualifactions and training, Liana brings her skills into specialised jewellery CAD software, of which she has even taught students and upcoming jewellers on the benefits of having a strong background in traditional techniques before delving into CAD design. Liana attained Masters levels with Gemvisions Matrix.

Mark has a background in design and advanced art/design certification as well as fine art. A strong knwoledge in IT and computer programming, and hardware led to an interest in 3D printing and manufacture technologies.
These coupled with Liana and Marks stance on sustainability and minimising damages to the enviroment has led to research and the use of plant based 3D resins for all 3D printing at The Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio.

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Modern Jewellery Technology

At The Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio we use a combination of the very latest modern techniques and traditional hand creation methods to create fine jewellery that is both durable enough to last for generations and with the finesse you would expect from fine jewellery. 

Whether your jewellery is created traditionally by hand or with modern techniques we will create a 3D model within specialised software which will enable us to calulate the weights, stone sizes and more! An exciting part of our process is that we can 3D print an exact replica of your jewellery that you can see your stones in, and try on before its creation, just to ensure that extra visualisation to help you make your final decision. 

Our 3D models are printed with an enviromentally friendly, biodegradable plant based resin. 

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Local Workshops

As well as the bench, gemmological tools and plating equipment we have a small workshop nearby in Baldivis. The 3D printing is also completed ‘in house’ at our Baldivis workshop.

When required casting is completed with a casting company right here in Western Australia, Perth.

Diamonds and precious stones are sourced worldwide by our diamond supplier who is also a proud Western Australian company here in Perth.

The second workshop is located in Australind where hand made custom jewellery, parts and repairs are carried out.

Depending on your jewellery requirements, we have you covered and your jewellery is personally couriered between workshops.

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