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Tradition Meets Modern

At The Diamond Tree Jewellery Studio we will use various techniques to create your own unique personalised fine jewellery, from hand forging, through to modern precision vaccumn casting. Whether your jewellery is hand forged or designed using CAD (Computer Assisted Design, all of our jewellery is finished by hand to the highest quality standards. You will see the difference that many years of experience, and a combination of traditional and modern techniques brings to your Diamond Tree Fine Jewellery piece.

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Our Workshops

The Studio is equiped with various gemmological tools, jewellers bench and plating equipment while our workshops in Baldivis and Australind are fully equipped for all aspects of fine jewellery creation and repair. 
All work and jewellery creation is completed at our local Western Australian workshops and not ever sent out of the state. 

When you choose the Diamond Tree Studio for your jewellery you are supporting up to 3 local Western Australian family business, from casting/metal forging, gemstone, diamond suppliers and artisan jewellers.

The Diamond Tree Studio ‘team’ consists of people who we have worked with for many years who endevour to make a difference in the jewellery industry of Western Australia with both quality, transparency and traditional service. We have a passion for jewellery and the sentiment and meaning behind every single piece we create, a group of friends sharing our passions!

Jewellery Association Of Australia members inspire consumer confidenc by abiding to a Code of Conduct that promotes quality service and professionalism.

[ Inspired By You ]

Award Winning Custom Design

1st Appointment – At your first appointment we will work with you to help you to design a piece of custom jewellery that suits both your own personal style and budget. We can advise on structural considerations and various options to create your unique, one of a kind jewellery piece that will last for generations.

One we have sketched and decided on a solid direction for your jewellery piece we will begin work on your design. Whether your jewellery piece is hand made in the traditional way, cast with modern techniques or a combination of the two, we will create a 3D model for you which will then be used to provide photo realistic renders of your jewellery and a physical 3D resin model. (The resins used in our 3D printing are enviromentally friendly plant based resins)

2nd Appointment – Once you have decided that the renders and design are exactly how you want them we will make a second appointment where you can try the 3D resin model on physically. Any gemstones that we have hand selected for you will also be presented for your choosing at your second appointment. Your gemstones can even be set into your 3D model if you wish to even further visualise your design! 

At this stage in the process we will ask for approval to go ahead with your design and begin the process of creating your jewellery at one of our local workshops.

Creation process – From this stage to completion typically will take from 4 – 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the job, and to allow for any quality control allowances.

3rd Appointment & Presentation – Your final appointment is our favourite part where you will be presented with your completed jewellery at our studio!

We can explain how to care for your jewellery, let you know about insurance and valuation offers we have and about our luxury add on packages which entitles you to free plating (If required), professional cleaning, insurance, luxury presentation boxes, and more! You can choose all of the extras or none, its completely up to you.

All of our jewellery pieces come in a standard black leatherette box and include free lifetime professional cleaning.

We always celebrate a little bit with you at the studio, its an important purchase after all! 

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5 Mackinnon Street Rockingham 6168 WA


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[ Sustainable Practises ]

Jewellery that doesnt cost the Earth

The diamonds that we use at the Diamond Tree Studio are hand selected by our Western Australian diamond suppliers and ourselves.

Our conflict-free diamonds are carefully selected to maintain quality and adhere to the Kimberly Process. We ensure that you are buying guaranteed conflict free diamonds, that have been ethically sourced. All of our diamonds are guaranteed to be mined using legal and ethical methods.

The metals and materials we use are all sustainably produced and with a high awareness of minimising social, enviromental and ethical impacts.

We invite and encourage our customers to recycle their ‘old’ gold which we will then refine and credit back according to the days relevant gold prices.

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