Quick Tips When Buying High End Jewellery

Here are a few quick tips when you are buying jewellery. We highly recommend learning about the 4cs when purchasing diamonds,
and by all means shop around to get a good feel of the current prices and don’t forget the age old adage, you get what you pay for! (Just ensure you are paying for the right thing!)

Where to start?

How can we help you? With transparency, trust and quality.

Forget that old- fashioned notion about spending three months of your salary. At the Diamond Tree Studio we can create a ring that perfectly suites your budget and style.

  • Our philosophy is to help you to make the most of your budget.
  • We lovingly handcraft every ring that we make—regardless of the price tag.

Understanding the 4Cs is key to getting the most sparkle for your budget. And if you feel overwhelmed, you can always drop by the studio for a coffee and go through the 4cs with us in an easy to understand way. We will always help you to separate fact from fiction and walk you through every consideration.

Cut is the most important of the 4Cs: The better the cut, the more your diamond will sparkle.

70% of our customers choose an ideal cut for maximum sparkle.
A poor cut (too shallow or too deep) can make a flawless diamond appear dull.

Most diamonds have tiny flaws that can only be seen with 10x magnification. For instance, SI grades aren’t flawless, but still look great to the naked eye.

Diamonds can have internal flaws and/or external flaws.
The clarity grading scale runs from SI2-SI1 (slightly included) to FL (flawless).
A good place to begin and maximise your budget is with SI2 and SI1 grades.

Weight affects clarity — if your diamond is under two carats, go with VS2.

Trust your instincts.
Don’t buy anything under pressure. Ever.

You should feel downright excited about your choice of diamond.

No regrets. When you propose with a ring that you know she’s going to love your confidence will shine.

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